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At no point does he cease to believe in His existence, but God dies for him nevertheless.

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Mostly I was angry at the world and at humanity as a whole but I unfairly turned some of that on my father. Eliezer writes that nothing was important to him after his father's death. Another Jew says that the camps signify the end of the world and that the Messiah is coming. Some will be overwhelmed with the suffering and hopelessness that the author both speaks and whispers. Set at the end of WW2, his childhood is ruptured when his small Jewish community in Eastern Hungary is forcibly ghettoised and then transported to the concentration camps, Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Eight months later, the Germans evacuated the camp and forced the survivors on a death march that ended at Buchenwald. Yet nobody would believe him. Men are forced into overcrowded barracks, where they pile on top of each other, smothering those beneath them. A young Pole, who may be a communist because he refers to the men as comrades, tells them to not give in to despair; they need to put their faith in being alive and believe that liberation will come. Moishe and his companions had dug their own graves before being shot and left for dead.

How accurately do you think they portrayed what is was like to be a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp? Given permission to stop, exhausted prisoners collapse on the snow and die.

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Something was being burned there. Eliezer becomes ill and nearly dies. That existence has horrors, there can be no doubt. Authority Roles Eliezer's father is a respected leader in the Jewish community.

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Although subtle, Eliezer's father also protects and encourages Eliezer. For most of Sighet, the war seems far away and there is confidence that the Russian Army will arrive before the town falls to the Nazis. Add your rating See all 15 kid reviews.

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