An analysis of the relationship between nettie and celie two characters

Huck, Celie, and Holden ultimately venture on life-altering journeys to attain their individuality and to discover their worth as human beings Tashi defies white imperialist culture and embodies the struggle of traditional cultural values against colonization.

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But note that he is totally unconcerned about what his dutiful wife, Celie, will think. For example, note that Albert never asks Shug to marry him, although he openly declares his love for her. They gossip that he used to leave Annie Julia for days and run off with Shug, so he is lucky to be with Celie now.

Instead, she imagines Shug Avery in the same sexual position—all but acknowledging her sexual curiosity for women and for Shug in particular.

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Your teefs. Celie takes the strength of Sofia and the spunk and sass of Shug, and she draws on her own awakened, rightful sense of vengeance to emerge a solid, independent, courageous, and admired woman. When Celie is young, Alphonso rapes and abuses her until she moves out of the house.

On her wedding day, Celie is chased by Mr. She meets a husband-and-wife pair of missionaries, Samuel and Corrine. The three long to be self-reliant and free, but lack the means and the confidence to find themselves.

This consistent elision or blanking out of his name denies the written report of their union; we are never told what name Celie and Albert share, their marital surname.

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The Color Purple Section 2 Summary and Analysis