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Margo soon discovered that the frozen air melts by day and comes back by night. After the two villains were defeated, Princess Lollipop returned to her swan self and flew off in the blue sky.

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Elefun and a scientist Dr. Elefun and Astro Boy befriends to. The Snow Wizard - A wizard from a distant planet who wants to take over the world with snow. Atom recovered his memories and defeated Lamp, afterward Dr. Mama and Papa - Astro's robotic parents. Astro accepts her with open arms, excited to have his very first relative. Tenpercent, he fooled the police and the world into saying that HE'S Abracadabra. Brate to build a moving beltway. Toby , son of Dr.

He only appeared in Episode Big Titan. Figaro Newton - A scientist who had developed plans for the greatest robot factory. The Dinosaurs - If you think that the dinosaurs from Episode 34 are bad, wait until you hear from these guys in Episode Dinosaur Dilemma.

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Just when he was about to eat a fisherman, the fisherman was too wise for Geliton. The rocks give way and soon she landed in Diamond Valley.

In the manga, his name is P. Notes and references[ edit ].

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He appeared only in Episode Prisoners in Space. So now, Future must retrieve the gold back. Rasburton's plan failed. In the manga, he appeared as a robot from Hong Kong named Lee Tan. After she died in a limited diet, Kris buried her to remember the woman who is his best friend. He taps and bounces just for the fun of it. In the manga their origin is slightly different, being invisible creatures from Earth's upper atmosphere, rather than extraterrestrials. It should be noted that the north star shines after he has died, suggesting that he has become an angel. X - A criminal who invented the poisonous houseflies and All five of the Bo robots. He was last seen killed by the martians.

Cool only appeared in Episode The Deadly Flies. He and his brothers were created by Dr. Uran is an extremely mischievous little girl who constantly lands her older brother in trouble.

He was last seen killed by Pluto before he had the chance to finish him off. He invented Fernal the fire robot to get revenge on a village in Mexico.

He hunts down robots about of his mother's death.

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List of Astro Boy characters