Bartering in counselling

They ignore the numerous cultures that value and depend for their economic survival on mutuality and interdependency as expressed in bartering arrangements.

These associations are composed of local merchants who agree to conduct business with each other via bartering and without the exchange of money.

boundary crossings and the ethics of multiple role relationships

In this case the chicken, fresh produce or services provided by the client are part of the pro bono or low fee arrangement Zur, a. This action requires professionals who firmly believe that they must not only engage in nonmaleficence but also beneficence.

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A much more complex and difficult bartering arrangement is when a client acts as a financial, investment or business adviser, marketing consultant or defense attorney for the therapist.

Aided by simple math, the therapist and client agreed that the therapist would see him for fifteen sessions in exchange for his drafting the contract.

Ethics of counseling

A concern that is often raised in regard to bartering in psychotherapy is income tax considerations. When a client barters a sculpture in exchange for therapy, most experts agree that this does not create another relationship besides the therapeutic one. The support for bartering comes from the acknowledgment that bartering may be the only way for indigent people to get therapy, when it is done as a normal aspect of agricultural, rural and other communities Canter et al. There are many ways to structure bartering arrangements. After a long discussion, at his suggestion, the therapist and client agreed that for each therapy hour he would donate two hours to a community service for an environmental cause that the therapist and client independently supported. These bartering arrangements resulted from discussions with the clients and concluded in the clients signing a document that detailed the bartering agreement. Consumer protection agencies, licensing boards, ethics committees and risk management experts often frown upon all forms of bartering. Alice did not take into account the multicultural dimension of the military lifestyle and subsequent pride in such while regaling her opinions within the therapeutic relationship with Ms. It only expresses Dr. Canter et al.

This support takes professionals who are willing to risk their own well-being for the well-being of those who are in our care. Hendricks, C.

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Direct Communication Obviously, the simplest and most common is where therapist or counselor negotiates the bartering agreement directly and in person with their client.

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Bartering in Psychotherapy and Counseling by Ofer Zur, Ph.D.