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Seven from Roanoke never came home.

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Company A was loaded into seven different LCAs. Leslie C. They also learned that they were in the first wave of the initial assault force. Many of the original members of the company had transferred to different units, been hurt, promoted, etc. The Parkers wrote a two-page letter and distributed it to churches around Bedford in April That day, she received In all, 22 were killed in the invasion. These men who died on the Normandy shore -- or trying to reach it -- were among the 4, Allied military men killed on D-Day, 2, of them Americans.

Bedford, then a close-knit community of fewer than 4, people in the Shenandoah Valley, was home to Company A of the th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division. Many of the Sherman tanks that had been ferried across the channel and were supposed to provide cover at Omaha Beach were offloaded too far from shore and sank -- with their crews trapped inside.

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Ken Parker points toward the photos of 19 men, known as the 'Bedford Boys' who were killed in action during the invasion of Normandy.

The names of the United States' losses appear on the west necrology wall of the central plaza, the rest of the Allies' losses on the east necrology wall.

The siblings who inherited the boxes also kept them closed, treating them as sacred.

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The shock of that Monday and that week was so encompassing and so powerful that it violated all the habits of that generation. When another Bedford boy, Pvt.

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During those nearly two years, the Bedford Boys became a part of the buildup for the Normandy Invasion. Some families shared their keepsakes for display at the tribute center. Taylor Fellers, the company commander. I was alone in France. An acoustic guitar that Pfc. By the end of the day, the Allies had suffered 10, casualties battling the German defenders, but they successfully established a foothold in France. It charges itself with expanding the memorial, such as when it listed on plaques the name of every one of the 4, Allied soldiers who died in the invasion, the most complete list of its kind anywhere in the world. German gunners killed Ray Stevens, and Fellers, too. Cannon is the Washington bureau chief for RealClearPolitics. By this time, the Bedford Boys had been serving on active duty for more than three years. In the spirit of Dwight D. In many cases, the parents of the men killed in action kept their belongings in boxes — too painful to bring out in the open. The Germans opened fire on the medics as they tried to escape. During the months of January and February and part of March, the invasion pool is drained for maintenance.

Twenty-two sons of Bedford lost--it is a story one cannot easily forget and one that the families of Bedford will never forget. In Julythe church housed farming families who gathered in Bedford to learn whether their sons, brothers or husbands were killed in action during the invasion of Normandy.

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Twenty-two sons of Bedford lost--it is a story one cannot easily forget and one that the families of Bedford will never forget. The whole family is engaging in dialogue that had never been open before. The regiment completed exercises at Slapton Sands in southern England and was the first regiment of the 29th Division to complete training at the U. They were returned marked deceased. They were part of Company A of the th Regiment of the 29th Division, and the first wave of American soldiers to hit the beaches in Normandy. So many young men died instantly on D. Nance returned home.
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