Behavorial traps

Investors are willing to raise the stakes to "reclaim" capital, but not to create more capital. Seek your community and their input.

Behavorial traps

There will be many moments where you will find yourself constantly questioning everything. You need someone to keep you accountable and bring the focus back. Clearly, any metric can become meaningless when it is taken out of context. Furthermore, these people are easy prey for some of the other traps mentioned above. Intervention in school and clinic, 31 5 , Unfortunately, uncertainty never vanishes. Her entrepreneurial nature and innate drive for personal and professional growth, balanced with a deep connection to purpose have led her to work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and founders. There will always be ups and downs, overheated stocks, bubbles, mini-bubbles, industry-wide losses, panic selling in Asia and other unexpected events in the market.

Pseudo-Certainty Trap This phrase is an observation of investors' perceptions of risk. Once you have support, you can easily recuperate, find direction, and build a new strategy.

behavioral momentum

Even people who are not specifically seeking confirmation often just shut out the prevailing market realities in order to do nothing and postpone the evil day when the losses just have to be confronted.

Trusting that a bull won't turn on you is a sure way to get yourself gored. Founders operate in a way very few people understand and that makes it hard for them to relate to others and be understood.

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Basically, investors avoid risk when their portfolios are performing well and could bear more, and they seek risk when their portfolios are floundering and don't need more exposure to possible losses.

The Fix: Stay accountable and stay in the game. Ulrich, T.

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Expert Columns: Behavioral Traps and How To Avoid Them