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When choosing a processor, you'll have to find the right balance between power for your applications and energy efficiency, and in selecting a battery, you'll need to choose between its capacity and weight.

Avoid laptops with low-resolution, x screens like the plague. However, unless you have a large IT department and a huge fleet of laptops that you need the ability to service remotely, you probably won't use this feature.

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It can if it has all of the features of the Microsoft Surface Book 2. Android apps from the Google Play Store such as the Microsoft Office suite or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom extend Chromebooks' abilities, but they often lack features found on the Windows-based versions of the same programs.

Once the two were separated by operating systems, but there are now several tablets aimed at businesses that run true versions of Windows.

Almost all of them come with Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Workstation to enhance their business credentials. SSDs for responsiveness: If you want a truly fast computer, get a solid state drive rather than a mechanical hard drive. These laptops are restricted to using Google's Chrome OS, which began as a souped-up version of the popular web browser.

Since Windows 10 is built for tablets too, the Lenovo Yoga Book can be converted into a slate with its world-class hinge system that lets you arrange the hybrid in any position. If you're looking to fully outfit your work area, also check out our takes on the best business monitorsplus our favorite keyboards and printers.

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If you think you'll need more battery life than a single charge can offer, look for an external battery pack rather than limiting yourself to a model with a swappable internal battery. It should get you satisfactory throughput, but you have to find a hotspot or an unprotected network to surf the web.

They work in tandem with available cellular networks to bring broadband speeds to your laptop wherever there's a cellular signal available.

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Paying a little extra for more power or capabilities now will save you headaches down the road.

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5 Best Laptop For Presentations