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Company History My Day Care Center is a true startup company, with no customers or operating history. The Services Bryan's Tutoring Service offers a wide range of academic subjects. Other programs might enrichment activities which emphasize specific skills like cooking, math and music, to special summer programs and before and after school programs.

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Bryan's Tutoring Service operates with very low overhead, therefore Bryan's Tutoring Service will not be seeking capital for operations. Our high skilled daycare teachers will give My Daycare Center a competitive edge. This business also gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children every day.

The Market Bryan's Tutoring Service has identified several target market segments that will be pursued.

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While it has filled some of Bryan's spare time, he is now ready to concentrate on developing this business into a more efficient source of revenue while retaining the joy of teaching that attracted Bryan to the business. The next step is getting them to actually enroll. Be sure to factor in the wages of teachers and administrators, too. Their services are safe and secure, providing the parents with an excellent place where their children can be taken care of. As mentioned earlier, the market is quite competitive. Safe Kids will employ two strategies to differentiate themselves. Reports have it that there are over , establishments in the private Education Service industry; almost , when including local, state and federal government institutions; combined, this industry employs over 3. National Chains National chains doing business in the area include KinderCare 12 centers in Gaithersburg metropolitan area and La Petite Academy 19 locations within 30 miles of downtown , and Bright Horizons 4 centers within 15 miles. As conditions warrant, we may purchase a comprehensive sales management program. Exit Strategy At this point, Ms. Bryan has close relationships with most of the professors of the business program, allowing Bryan to tailor the tutoring to the specific course material as well as receive referrals from said professors. Furthermore, space must be provided for asynchronous and synchronous learning activities, social interaction, and administration.

Be sure to factor in the wages of teachers and administrators, too. This approach requires targeting parents who are less sensitive to price and more sensitive to learning and development.

However, Ms.

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They provide cleaning, feeding and some education, though no curriculum per se, and are therefore not competing for the same clients as we are. Niches available on this industry may include; Science learning centre.

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When planning to start this business, note that a learning centre should be designed to meet the needs of learners and to support their efforts as they strive for educational success. What problems do they have?

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Daycare Business Plan Sample