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The festivals introduced here have been selected for their traditional Chinese nature.

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Contend of questionnaire The content of questionnaire includes much information. Dragon Dance Performance Dragon Dance is another traditional festive performance that can not be missed. The scene likes that the dragon sometimes flies up to the sky, and sometimes hiding under the ocean and breaking waves. This advertisement targets the Mandarin speaking population in Canada by creating a Lunar New Year theme. According to the questionnaire is not only for Chinese students to answer, it is better to add some background make everyone understand more clearly. In addition, the seventh day is the day for farmers to display their agricultural products. The dramatic moment of the lion picking will be very impressive.

On the day people stay home to welcome the God of Wealth. With the SMC still in place till this day, a lot of youths over the years have not been given the opportunity to learn their family dialect, especially since English was made the first language in schools since For another thing is that, people always appreciate the moon, when they are drinking and eating.

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Related posts:. Weddings is one of the customs that is the most meaningful and symbolic customs between the American and Chinese culture.

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In Guangzhou City in southern China, the locals will have the Lion Dance that is the most attractive activities among the numerous celebrations. In the ancient times, people hung short branches of peach tree on the doors or at the front gates for the purpose of driving away the evil things.

The Spring Festival carnivals take place during this period.

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Due to its large amounts of land, the fish eaten in china is also more often freshwater fish than saltwater fish or example, Yu Sheng, a Chinese fish salad, which is often enjoyed during the Lunar New Year Different states.

It is best that the participants from different counties. Temple fair in Beijing has a time-honored history.

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Chinese Spring Festival, Chunjie: Origin, Customs, Activity, Celebration