Critical thinking courses singapore

Develop solutions to address the issues recognized.

critical thinking workshop

Through exercises, delegates will practice using these different thinking approaches to achieve maximum results. Key components of critical thinking skills. Download Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Course Description Synopsis This course presents a structured approach for tackling problems, opportunities and decisions that will ultimately help achieve better results—whether innovating, managing crises or planning for the future.

Critical thinking courses singapore

It also teaches a proven five-step process for responding to business problems and opportunities. Determine the best practices in arriving at a conclusion and resolving disputes that may arise from differing opinions. Organize findings systematically.

critical thinking singapore

Development of creative and independent thinking. Enhance comprehension and learning. Encourage autonomy and self-directed behaviour.

Critical thinking course outline

Integration of logic into decision-making procedures. Creativity and Critical thinking skills Autonomy of thinking. Justify decisions made to address the issues. Understanding the fallacies caused by misuse of logic. His passion is in the fields of leadership, critical thinking, operations and management. Decrease squabbles over trivial issues. Provide relevant evidence and facts for reference. Break down problems to smaller manageable matters. What is Interpersonal Intelligence? Encouraging a well-reasoned and sound argument. Promote teamwork and cause positive impacts on a culturally diverse environment. They will also have the opportunity to apply these concepts to a specific problem or opportunity from their own business environment, share newly learned approaches with classmates and give and receive feedback on those approaches. New business executives in the financial industry who want practical tools and skills in Critical Thinking.
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Critical Thinking