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Download Here 21 Almabase Almabase helps schools to engage with all their alumni. E-commerce websites can serve as a tool for both communication and relations for the customers and general public.

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We uploaded it to the site shortly after, and it still receives more than views per month. The last two slides are meant to build trust, by listing earlier investors, but also show that the founders have done their homework and already have a plan for future investments.

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Happy omni-channel selling! E-commerce software is meant to enable customers quickly and efficiently find what they need in your store. Download Here 41 Unicorn Unicorn sells skincare for men like a kick-ass butt mask and is booming all over Asia. Likewise, it offers self-generated in-house services, secure checkouts, analytics, and integration with third party apps and services including popular social media sites. However, for these things to be achieved certain requirements need to exist where certain factors play an important role. Download Here 38 BigControls This startup helps companies minimize their compliance risk exposure and stop wasting millions of dollars. Download Here 11 Orchard Orchard is a solution that helps enterprises improve security in personal smartphones used for work. Suki and Ramayah studied user acceptance of the e-Government services in Malaysia. Here are the common features of ecommerce software: Automation. While in checkout the website may utilize third-party software or services to provide the customer with delivery options, shipping rates, and expected delivery date. Next we discuss the most essential factors for the development and effectiveness of e-commerce. This also allows merchants to improve their brand recognition as well. It helps users find the right life partner in a safe environment, by using a scientific approach. In this paper we provide some answers about the current situation of e-commerce think later on prospects that will enable the benefits from all the advantages offered by this new mode of trade.

Sharing a real testimony will get your investors listening. While in checkout the website may utilize third-party software or services to provide the customer with delivery options, shipping rates, and expected delivery date.

What we love is their real-life successful case studies, among many other important things. You get a centralized location for easy storing, access and retrieval of product information, customer data, accounting transactions, product listings, browsing histories, and payment and shipping status.

You have a global market for your products, unhindered by time, geography and boundaries. Since the slides are not too crowded, investors can focus on the founders and their oral presentation, while having the possibility to look at the numbers.

Understanding the Concept of E-Commerce Information and communication technology ICT is radically transforming the way individuals, organizations, and governments work.

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Upload existing presentations to SlideShare Presentations are a staple in the business world, and your employees have likely created dozens of them in the past year alone.

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