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Received: April 6, Results: Understanding Writing as a Situated Social Practice The analysis of all the data collected during the unit on information reports suggests that the EFL pre-service teachers participating in this study experienced a series of gains and challenges in terms of understanding academic writing as a situated social practice that varies according to context, purpose, and audience. Currently, she works as an Associate Professor at the School of Languages, Universidad de Antioquia, where she has done research in English language policy, critical literacies, systemic functional linguistics, and linguistic landscapes. We have attempted to illustrate this in the left-hand column of Figure 2 on the next page. Similarly, Kamler 9 criticizes the genre approach because of. To achieve this purpose, the article first provides a brief overview of SFL genre-based theories and their view of academic writing. To model this analysis, teacher educators considered four different aspects: a their overall purpose, and the purpose of each stage or section of the text; b the kind of information provided in each stage; c the language deployed by the writers to achieve each of the purposes e. Academic literacy: The importance and impact of writing across the curriculum - a case study. In Colombia, the writing approach we have used for most of these university EFL writing courses does not promote this type of questions. Learners who know a lot about the production of a particular genre, and are skilled in it, may need little or no input. More positively, they acknowledge that writing takes place in a social situation, and is a reflection of a particular purpose, and understand that learning can happen consciously through imitation and analysis. Context refers, among other aspects, to where the genres are used e. Cox, J.

Next, the teacher discusses how the text is structured and how its organization develops to accomplish its purpose. One example is synthesis of the process and genre approaches, which Badger and White have termed the process genre approach.

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Audio-recordings included 14 recordings of all of the weekly meetings the team held to prepare the course syllabus and each of the class activities, to discuss gains and challenges and to modify the activities, as needed. This approach seems more capable in showing students how different discourses require different structures.

Then, this title is not good. Use of the process-genre approach to writing allows teachers to help students recognize the steps they go through to create a written text which should lead to less stressful and motivated writing. Language Education in Asia, 1, Coudery, T.

Consequently, little is known about the usefulness of this approach for the achievement of these particular purposes in the Colombian EFL higher education context.

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Linguistics and Education, 20 1 , Understanding purpose. Teachers of ESOL might understandably decide that the debate is generating more heat than light, and pass on to more obviously useful research. Each of these variables has to be considered by writers in determining the lexical grammatical and textual configuration of their texts if they want these texts to be accepted by the discourse communities for which they are being written. Some groups of learners will have a good awareness of how the potential audience may constrain what is written. First, a model of a particular genre is introduced and analysed. How does choosing a pronoun instead of a technical word as a subject separate or shorten the distance between me and my reader? This article reports partial results of a qualitative study which explored the gains and challenges encountered by two groups of English as a foreign language pre-service teachers from a public university in Medellin, Colombia, in developing a situated view of academic writing through a systemic functional genre-based instructional unit. Implementing a genre pedagogy to the teaching of writing in a university context in Thailand. Reports, for example, are identified by their use of generalized e. These activities can be also downloadable from the web page and they can be available for users who get access when they are not on internet. Journal of Second Language Writing, 12 1 ,

The three approaches are largely complementary, as becomes more apparent if we examine their weaknesses and strengths. A process genre approach to teaching writing. Before undertaking this task, however, they identify and conduct research on their own topic, and organize the information found in charts, matrices and so on Derewianka,

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