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The emotion is then expressed through a pattern of physiological changes which lead the person to approac For some reason I just did not understand why my dad would not show affection like my mom or my grandma Hoagland focuses on sexual desire, however her analysis can be applied to the desires of any person, object, or action.

My feelings towards certain people or things gradually changes as I age. I even have over one thousand songs on my phone at the ready. They have the ability to own their emotions, and just hold them if they are of negative nature. Personally I like neither of these definitions …show more content… However neuroscientists believe that it is much more complex than this theory implies.

It also taught me how to not live my life in fear of dying, but embrace death while living.

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Although strong emotions allow our bodies to activate unpleasant and pleasant emotions, it leads it to present emotions through expression By assigning an emotional state a negative or positive value, it means the emotion is determined to be approachable or avoidable.

Jealousy is the state of being fearful or wary of being supplanted [1]. Art is expression, it is important because we need to able to recognize what our feelings are therapeutic

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Human Emotions Essay