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According to Roger B. They use these powers for the good of the world and to help innocent people. There is an extensive comparison to be made between Beowulf and Hrothgar, as a warrior and as a king and the qualities that each of them bring to the table. While there are notable differences be- tween the battles, common motivations and themes exist. After him, Hrothgar ruled… Hrothgar was pleased with his people. People all have reasons to do things. The three main types of heroes include an epic hero, superhero, and your own personal hero. Throughout history, tales of lionhearts have surfaced After his death, his son Beow took over. Death, in its inevitable state, brings depressed feelings and and a sense of being lost. Some may say that a hero can be passive, that is if he or she refrains from doing a certain action it makes them heroic. As is typical in any kingdom led by a heroic individual, the death of Beowulf is followed by the eventual destruction of the Gaelic people. Good versus evil. The poem begins with Grendel, who is a demon of pure evil which has spawned from hell, attacking Danes in the mead hall, killing all of them Hrothgar, Beowulf and Wiglaf all become heroes in the story after a feat of strength and bravery transports their name across the land.

His heroism is revealed through both youth as a young warrior and wisdom as a reliable king. His strength allowed him to succeed in battle.

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During his rule of the kingdom he would be pinpointed by trouble, mostly in the form of invaders. Both human and monster alike greet each other with violence, making one no better than the other, leading to the belief that the portrayal of the monsters is unfair in order to glorify and justify the violence of humankind. These are just a few of the many questions that need to be kept in mind when trying to determine what makes a person a hero. Major differences between the movie and the poem would be Grendel himself. Beowulf displays confidence when he talked to Unferth in the great hall Heorot. In movies, there is always the antagonist that comes to destroy, for example: earth, and then there is the protagonist that saves the day. He shows all of the qualities and traits that a true hero possesses. Grendel is portrayed the same in both stories when it comes to his actions and his nature. Scholars have been able to make a rough estimate as to when the poem was written, guessing that it was between and A. Tips on critical essay writing: Some students find literature difficult to comprehend. Good and evil is one of the main conflicts in the poem Beowulf.

Beowulf is a hero that put his life on the line for an entire kingdom. The warrior kings had duties to uphold. However, the two different points of view telling the story create vastly different novels.

He would risk his own life to save other people life 's. In the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf, the character of Grendel symbolically represents evil through his setting and heritage, his hateful attitude toward men, and his vicious acts of murder.

Beowulf Essay - Beowulf vs Symbolical Monsters Beowulf, by an Anglo- Saxon poet Anonymouslyis an old epic poem that illustrates several meaning such as symbolism or allegorical meaning. Every author has their own understanding of how a hero should be like, and all heroes live and behave differently according to the society they live in.

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Beowulf succeeded with his battles and became an epic hero Up until the end of Beowulf's life he was constantly looking to be the hero.

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