Explain the concepts of emotional contagion and emotional labor

Lack of empathy can be a sign of psychological disorders or cognitive disabilities.

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A few other studies have also found that experimental stimuli be their faces, etc. Ideally, we would expect the most mimicry and contagion when a person, in a natural setting, views someone experiencing and expressing strong emotion via facial, vocal, and postural indicants.

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In the past few years, in an intriguing set of experiments, researchers have begun to study the impact of Botox injections on the ability to identify the emotions of others and the readiness to experience emotions oneself. Scientists agree that there is an emotional climate and culture that tells us which emotions we should or should not display. The mirror neurons are fired when goal related actions are seen or performed by others. The literature on the link between any and all forms of mimicry and contagion is simply too large to review it all here. Emotional intelligence, specifically recognition, and understanding can help us in identifying how we process emotional cues. Finally, we will briefly speculate as to where future research might be headed. Because contagion manifests in a complex of responses, it represents a family of phenomena. Humans are social beings. Because certain people and moods can be more contagious or susceptible to emotional contagion, research has also found that the energy in those moods influences can be more powerful than the actual emotion displayed. They state that the concept of emotion culture is quite similar to the notion of "emotion climate" p. Abstract Recently, scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, using a variety of scientific techniques, have begun to study the influence of attention, facial mimicry, and social context on emotional contagion. While early research suggested that conscious reasoning, analysis, and imagination accounted for the idea of emotional contagion, it has been concluded that some forms of more primitive emotional contagion are far more subtle, automatic, and universal.

According to this research group, it takes place through a series of steps. The results of this research are suggestive but not definitive.

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Probably thousands. Through the process of afferent feedback, these new expressions are translated into feeling the emotions the sender feels, thus leading to emotional convergence.

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Neuroscientists recently made a big splash with their discovery of mirror neurons and their role in emotion. The muscle recognition of smiling triggers your facial memory and mirror neurons into believing you are happy, and before you know it, your appearance of happiness may be contagious for others also!

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Emotional contagion