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This is why legislators need to pass a federal law that bans pregnant women from consuming any kind of alcohol during their entire pregnancy. Several terms are used in this report to refer to drinking patterns and problems.

There are three criteria used to describe the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and to make a diagnosis of FAS. Wilsnack eds.

Fetal alcohol syndrome disorder essay

First, one interpretation of these results is that the small shift in the average behavioral, educational, and psychological scores in children prenatally exposed to low levels of alcohol theoretically may translate into increases in the Page 27 Share Cite Suggested Citation:"1 Introduction. These infants have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The diagnostic criteria are essential for surveillance and epidemiologic research on FAS. A major source of information about past work in the area is the published literature. This information tends to suggest that these children suffered a greater degree of alcohol exposure, as compared with non-autistic FAS children Nanson, Such information included but was not limited to program budgets an d grant and contract abstracts. Alcohol is a drink form a drug which acts as a depressant. These finding are important in that treatment methods developed for ADD children may also be useful in treating FAS children who have an attention deficit. Women risk their unborn children when they consume alcohol during pregnancy and puts their children at risk for multiple constellations of abnormalities when they are born Alcohol, a psychoactive drug, found within many adult beverages causes countless problems for people suffering from addiction but even more devastating are the mothers who drink when pregnant. In the s people have noted the significant impact alcohol-related birth defects are having on our society then and now. The common answer given by doctors is yes, you may. The milestones of prenatal development begin with the germinal phase, followed by the embryo phase, ending with the fetus stage.

They see pregnancy as a way of bringing a life into the world but do not use the necessary safety measure in their dietary habits to prevent such damage or inhibitions of such a life This information tends to suggest that these children suffered a greater degree of alcohol exposure, as compared with non-autistic FAS children Nanson, Many doctors advise that it is okay for the mother to have an occasional drink, however, some women cannot stop at one drink, and they continue to drink in excess throughout their pregnancy Drug Addition and Pregnancy: Policy crossroads.

One study measured four different areas of attention.


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a condition classified in a group called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and is the most known and severe of the group. In particular, operational definitions of terms used to describe the level and pattern of drinking in studies of pregnant women frequently have not corresponded to definitions for women in general, which in turn often do not correspond to definitions for men.

FAS awareness and prevention is important; expectant mothers need to know the background information about the syndrome, some common symptoms, signs, and treatments, and the mental and physical abnormalities that will occur because of this lifelong syndrome

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It is one of the most frequent and important causes of mental and physical retardation in childhood today. This report is in response to that mandate. Keywords: Prenatal Alcohol Exposure The Long-term Mental and Physical Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Many unexperienced mothers do not understand the importance of prenatal care and some could careless that it even exist US Census Bureau. This suggestion was based on the clinical reports from the American Association of Pediatrics. Finally, these population effects suggest at least a teratologic potential for low-level prenatal alcohol exposure and can provide directions for further research. It is assumed to be common sense to not to drink while pregnant, but without education many people may not know the real dangers and consequences of this action. The incidence of FAS is estimated at.
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Essay about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome