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The economic is based on Neo-liberalism policy which creates inequality among of societies stated by International Relations, The countries that adopt policies to facilitate globalization have to consider that integration into a global society is not always painless or smooth At this point it would be useful to mention the phenomenon of "government subsidizing".

Although earlier studies considered economic inequality as necessary and beneficial, [37] some economists see it as an important social problem. As the concept can be perceived as the increasing movement of goods and resources across national borders, this modernization has had a significant effect on China as well as in the Kenyan culture.

This trend is believed by many to be irreversible and economies will continue depending on one another. Typically, during a liquidity crisis, the interbank lending market stalls. There have been three forces that have continually increased the globalization phenomenon.

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According to Dr. The ever-faster flow of information across the globe has made people aware of the tastes, preferences, and lifestyles of citizens in other countries.

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Tropical forests are considered to be contributed with developing countries and our needs for them are not being met. Through smaller outlets for economic globalization has occurred in the past through trades with foreign nations, but trading system that covers the great distance and necessary goods that economic globalization is unprecedented meaning that the consequences of economic globalizati The implication is that, as nations more fully engage in interactive trade and financial cooperation, benefits accrue to virtually all as the markets inevitably expand.

The competition has intensified more by the increasing cooperation between various countries world-wide, removal of the barriers and technological innovations Therefore, becoming "multinational" not only contributes in the augment of the firms' profits and gives exposure to more markets but also adds more costumers to the company's potential database.

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In Globalization 2. Furthermore, globalization increases political relations among a wide variety of people and nations. China, due to globalization has seen increases in economic growth leading it to become the 2nd largest economy in the world based on nominal GDP. MNE was purely given the name by the amount of countries a company occupied". Yu Xintian noted two contrary trends in culture due to economic globalization. However, in this case, we have been ignorant too long. However, it is of great importance for firms to obey to specific criteria in order for them to be in fact considered "multinational". On the other hand, there are many opponents point out that globalization also brings a large number of… Words - Pages 6 Essay on Globalization: International Trade and Globalization Globalization has affected the way of making business, trading, information systems, organizations and even tourism has changed impressively thanks to the open world in which we live now a days. For these reasons and sometimes due to economies of scale , they can sometimes out-compete similar businesses in developing countries.
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Economic Globalization Essay