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When I sit and think of what songs he had yet to sing, what words he yet to write, how many lives he had yet to touch, I am eternally grateful that his music found a way to seep into my own life.

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It seems to have been an accident. Raised in the housing projects of St.

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Now seventy-three, she recently spoke with me from her home, in Virginia Beach, about music education, God-given talent, and craft. Let us find the mirror as Lalah beckons us to do and learn to face fully and love ourselves completely. One artist who was receptive to her principled stance on it was Donny Hathaway. Check out the Ghion Cast below as I describe on video why I love music so and why music is a healing balm to the world. It sounds like and forever. In the end, let us find the music within us and let that music be how we mend the wounds of our nation and our planet. Hold on tight and you will last. It is best to find beauty in the midst of distress and to find songs in the middle of cacophonous walks. One of my favorite Twitter followers, Orlando Jones link , inspired me earlier for having the courage to delve into contentious issues without being divisive in his approach. His professors made him a deal. There was something about her laid back hipness that made her occasional forays into more contemporary pop more organic than many of her peers. Eulaulah Hathaway, for her part, was mainly known to the public through photos in Ebony and Jet in the seventies: here is the glamorous woman beside her famous husband; here is the mourning widow and single mother at his funeral.

Born into a Christian family, I found a kindred spirit in Donny. Reports from the time claim that Donny "flipped out," started making wild accusations that white people were controlling his brain, so that they could steal his music.

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Many people say that his inner demons led him to end his life on January 13, The soul singer Donny Hathaway playing the piano in It has to sound like a sentence.

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