High school engineering projects

How can you map a magnetic field? Creating clean water Too many areas of the world — including cities in our own country — do not have access to clean water. Growing food during a flood A natural disaster that often devastates communities, floods can make it difficult to grow food.

On the surface are line-following robots with sensors that react to the magnetic sensors on the board and can turn the lights on and off. Their mission is to have "fun building and learning about how to control mechatronic systems.

Now try to make the same building on an incline, such as a degree slope. In short, you'll be collecting solar energy by painting part of your project black, which attracts the sunlight.

high school engineering projects simple

You can use foam pipe insulation as the marble run's track, which will allow you to create vertical loops. Here are some specific ideas for engineering science fair projects.

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High School Engineering Science Fair Projects