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The edit will involve ironing out any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in your world. This gives you a good idea of the complexity of world-design. A series of parallel worlds is the setting for the action in this story requiring an even larger imaginative conception. Is the system of hierarchy rigid, with individuals trapped from birth in their assigned social status a caste system? Romance should be built from character development, not spring up from nothing but a glance unless you have a very compelling, unique and interesting mechanism that achieves that and then the consequences are explored. Most of us learn how much Stuff goes into a novel by writing one; we learn how much Stuff goes into a trilogy by doing the same. Try this same strategy when describing your fantasy world. Its plot does not only narrate magical characters, objects and creatures to create an immersive story. Is it an epic quest? Perhaps you include features shared by other famous works, but with additional, original twists. The fantasy novel presented the journey and growth of two characters beautifully. Do you need the mentor character to be an elderly man who speaks in riddles?

This gives you a good idea of the complexity of world-design. Now, Bukowski was a poet. Deciding on which viewpoint to use can impact how you choose to progress your plot, so it is important to make this choice early.

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Do different classes live in different parts of the world? Many top fantasy novels were only able to convince readers because they had unique and creative ideas. You fell so madly in love with your creation that you decide to pump out one extra book, then another, then one more. Have the mindset of a cinematographer Sometimes writers get so caught up in their world that they write block paragraph after block paragraph after block paragraph of description. In other words, they would have had to protag more. Martin and Blake Crouch. The further you go, the less you have to show your math. To establish an imaginary world, you need to create characters that captivate readers, draw them in and make them feel real.

By all means let your characters wander off and do their own thing. Can you arrange for your existing protagonists to be there, or to find out about it by other means? Observe everything from their demeanor to their quirks and peeves.

Incorporate all your senses while illustrating things on the paper.

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Moreover, compile the events by showing the course of actions, turning points, conflicts, and resolution. For research, maybe look at medieval maps. Fine, but how is that used? And you know what? Writers who use ProWritingAid — creators of fiction , non-fiction , and online blog content alike — report improvements in their writing style. In fact, fantasy novels — good ones that get published — are probably far tougher creations than realist works. That new world needs its own geography, biology, history, and sometimes laws of physics.

Set the Time Frame It is another significant part of your fantasy novel. Harry Potter The theme of death is key to the Harry Potter series.

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Keep one eye always on the larger picture, and know what must be accomplished by the end of the current book for you to remain on schedule. Give Them Flaws The key to the character is a contradiction: No person is complete without yin and yang, without light and dark.

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I do not pretend this is in any way, shape, or form a recipe for commercial success with an epic fantasy series. That would be boring to the viewers, not to mention meaningless.

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How to Write a Fantasy Novel that Gets Read in 8 Steps [+Template]