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Use all these suggestions from above and it is a guarantee that your thesis on interior design will be one of the most successful ones.

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Visual identities of company last decades through their logos and imageries as seen in the case of Coca Cola logo or the state logo of the old Roman Empire, SPQR.

The association of identity and visual arts is further understood in the followng part. Integration of emotionally feel-good spaces in a work environment not only expresses social competence. It recognizes formal methods that integrate art into the day to day practice of design, at a more public level.

Interior design thesis paper

Cultural similarities and diversities of corporate art and architecture in Norway, USA, Japan and France: An exploratory and comparative study on corporate art collections and the architecture of corporate headquarters. Lefebrve The durability of the artefacts and its significance for organizational identity also applies to corporate brands in its visual and functional strength. Harvey points out how the independent lives of the inhabitants of the metropolis, is also dependent on innumerable suppliers, workers and companies for their basic needs and wants. Brand awareness emerged during the industrial revolution, with the start of mass production. An existing problem may have been studied before but not with the methodology you are proposing. Hagen 3 In other words, money plays a significant role in respect of design, which on the other hand is also relative to the matter of culture. However, money also shapes social freedom. They have an emphasized high quality architecture, which strengthens the corporate identity by being a landmark. Hagen 3 As mentioned by M. According to the French sociologist and philosopher Henri Lefebvre, there has been a movement from the production of objects to the production of space, constituted by the contribution of objects. The next chapter deals with instances and examples to show this motion of art in corporate interior. Corporate smell adopts the knowledge about the particularities of olfactory perception and uses a company-specific olfactory experience, as a subtle but effective of spatial design methods, to enhance experience. It is important to note that different students in your class will be attempting the same subject so you should try to stay ahead of the competition by selecting a unique topic. You do not copy them from somewhere rather brainstorm on your own to choose a unique one Here are few topic areas under interior design that you can consider for writing your paper Decoration ideas It is a huge sub division under interior design and you can create many different topics with this niche.

Hagen 3 As importance and impact of art and just carefully designed spaces began to be noticed from architecture to the interiors, the intent of art became clear. Make sure that you are following all latest technologies and ideas in this field, so you can be able to find the topic that will keep your attention and the attention of readers.

Uniqueness means original ideas that are based on your own thinking and mind.

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This can be in the form of a new methodology. The interiors of iconic buildings thus, become identities and spatial projections of the values, aesthetics and power. This will open up many avenues of exploration that can lead you to the perfect thesis topic. It is how we associate smell to a setting formal or informal , the typical smell of a cabin, or an early morning business-flights, freshly printed newspapers or a waft of kerosene. See if you can add a new spin to it or provide an idea which is not published anywhere else. Find out if someone else has already completed something relating to the topic you have selected. At the threshold of the city and the interiors of a corporate space lies the transformation of art from forming a space around, to being a part of it. These spaces have a lasting effect on the social and cultural fabric, creating an interplay between space and people - a connection between the brand, the company and the people. Writing a research assignment on this specific topic can seem easy at the beginning, but will definitely search for some time, effort and also very reliable sources. The interiors similarly were stripped off of any decorations and exposed materials, and smooth finishes defined the modern interiors. Corporate buildings within different industries are living arenas for exposing high quality visual art. Wirth claims that transport and communication, as well as the cultural and recreational institutions in the city like the media press, radio and TV , theaters, cinemas, libraries, museums, concert halls, operas, hospitals, colleges, research centers and religious centers have accentuated the role of the city as the predominant element of our civilization, and made city life attractive to rural people as well as for the inhabitants of the city. Ask necessary questions from your teacher if you are not clear about anything and stay in close contact with the supervisor for better performance. Norway Creation of Dubai Culture and Arts authority.

The interiors of iconic buildings thus, become identities and spatial projections of the values, aesthetics and power. Hagen,the sociologist Louis Wirth regards the city to be the center of the economic, political and cultural life.

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