Kirin brewery co in search of a growth strategy

Costs are estimated at Both companies had strengths in therapeutic antibodies. We intend to build on a strategy that takes Brooklyn Brewery to a fully national brand with a top-class sales and marketing team supporting our distributors.

Within the happoshu low-malt category, Kirin Tanrei is the top seller. Our cost-reduction initiatives will include taking steps to increase the management efficiency of in-house wholesaling, optimize production sites, and reduce indirect expenses.

Specifically, we focused investment on our flagship brand, Kirin Ichiban Shibori. Now, Brasil Kirin is in the process of breaking out of the slump in which it recorded continued, substantial declines in market share.

Of course, shareholder value is not something that can be enhanced simply through dividends.

kirin holdings annual report 2017

However, in Japan it is forecasted to have an increase in value sales of beer bydue to implementation of the new tax laws by reducing the tax rate for mid-priced beers. Read More We have a competitive edge in our ability to create value.

In addition to dividends, the stock price is also important to shareholders, and to further advance management that reflects consideration for the stock price we will do our utmost to steadily achieve the quantitative targets set out in MTBP. These features have been well received by consumers.

The Kirin Group is aiming to create value through initiatives that address social issues over the medium to long term, and I believe that the functional products category will play an important role in helping us achieve that goal.

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Kirin Brewery planned for a year-on-year decline in profits and stepped up investment in marketing.

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What's on tap for the global beer market?