Laboratory techniques and measurements

Transfer pellets to the beaker weighed in the previous step, and measure the mass of the beaker and pellets together.

1.07 laboratory techniques lab report

All measuring devices are subject to error, making it impossible to obtain exact measurements. The next part of the experiment was measuring temperature. These digits are collectively referred to as significant figures. Materials and methods The material being analyzed in this laboratory is brass.

Also make sure that the pellets are all completely immersed in the water. Measure the volume of water in each. When read from the lowest point of the meniscus, the correct volume reading is Volumetric measurements were the basis of the 3rd part of the experiment.

The brass rod resonates at a high pitch as compared to typical vocal ranges. In part B, the volume of the metal rod was calculated by subtracting the calculation of the water and the metal combined volume from the water only volume.

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Laboratory Techniques & Measurements Essay