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What did you think of the exhibit? Some works represent figures or landscapes naturalistically while others depict forms with a more abstract approach.

Most of the surrounding Lincoln Park Golf Course is on the site of a potter's field called the "Golden Gate Cemetery" that the City had bought in From there, you can transfer to the 18 or walk one block west to 34th Avenue and up Legion of Honor Drive.

Generally, works of art in special exhibitions remain on view for roughly three to four months.

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More questions? The Legion of Honor is easily reachable from all parts of the San Francisco Bay area, via public transportation, bicycle, or car.

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Have a question for first-time visitors that you think deserves an answer? Bring your kids to the museum.

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Since the institution has a priority to ensure the safety of irreplaceable works of art for the future, there are certain items you cannot bring into the museum. Check with a member services or visitor services staff person.

Casts of some of his most famous works are on display, including one of The Thinker in the Court of Honor. Ask what they think is happening in the work of art and have them identify details that support their ideas.

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Legion of Honor