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The sales team sends out sales letters and brochures to prospects. Research your audience. Barbara Sher calls us "scanners", Margaret Lobenstein calls us "renaissance souls" and more recently Emma Gannon called us "multi-hyphens". Write about yacht-building, or strip-mall developers? Louise Bolotin, who has been a journalist since the late 70s, has seen a huge fluctuation in her income sources over the years. My time is pretty much my own and I average approximately 16 hours a week. Exact scripts to get your freelance writing business started I put together my 5 best word-for-word scripts for locating and communicating with potential writing clients. And all you do is use the basic reporting and storytelling skills you learned as an article writer. Once you are ready to make the move to full-time freelancer, here are the areas that need attention. Connect with agencies that outsource and let them know that you have availability. But after a while you need to change your approach one of collaboration and community. Eventually, you may decide to become very specialist. I pitched and published articles on all these topics and found it too difficult to choose one focus area. How's the Pay? If you want to make publications pay your bills, you need to pitch a lot.

Rejection will become like water off a duck's back, which is pretty handy in all areas of your life, and when your work does get the green light, it will all be worth it. Yes, experience matters, and in some jobs like surgeoncredentials really matter. Eventually, you may decide to become very specialist.

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Identify very specific leads in your very specific target market and figure out where they go to look for a solution to their needs. Dry your tears and find a niche The biggest problem I encounter with starving article writers is that they are mourning a bygone world.

This is my own content agency with a deep focus on producing quality content that gets results for clients.

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You'll soon learn that newspaper reporters get a lot of privileges and have access to events and happenings that are often denied to the general public.

Unfortunately, this is only true to a certain point. You may forget to push yourself to further your career, find new clients, or branch out of your comfort zone.

It's not impossible but you have to be willing to work all the hours you can to make it happen.

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Once you start racking up work and building your reputation, your account starts getting listed higher in search results on the platform.

For every commission back then — and I was featured in lots of household names — there were plenty more rejections. An editor wants a correspondent he can trust to be dependable and meet every deadline.

Now for the negatives: Every job has them, and work-from-home freelancing is no exception. When I was offered my first three book deal, I had just been made redundant.

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Writing no longer buys a champagne lifestyle