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Some of them may not be necessary or useful for your thesis or dissertation, they might be presented in a variety of different orders, and disciplines and departments will vary in the terminology used to describe them, so it is essential while using this list to prioritise any instructions you obtain from your own educational institution and mentors.

The research and the objectives Firstly, aims and objectives are different things and should be treated as such.

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Have I presented my rationale behind this study? Have I included my main conclusions and recommendations? This is absolutely true, but also rather unhelpful if you do not yet know exactly how long your introduction needs to be.

Although it is difficult to specify what should be included in each chapter of a thesis, the following outline is fairly general.

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Write a requirements document that states the requirements your program must meet. The Conclusion Getting started Your dissertation conclusion will do one of two things.

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How Long Should a Dissertation or Thesis Introduction Be?