Modality in persuasive writing

Low modality: It appears likely that age is rarely an irrelevant factor It also appears to present a reasoned and objective argument because it allows for the possibility of evidence contrary to your claims. In comparison, a 'high modality' opinion can appeal to the emotions and so can be perceived as persuasive and subjective.

High modality language is also used in specific genres for specific purposes such as to make recommendations on future research or problem solutions.

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One student from each pair starts a sentence using a noun with an article, determiner, and so on or pronoun subject then two or more of the modal words from the resource below. NSW literacy continuum WRIC12M3: Aspects of writing, Cluster 12, Marker 3: Creates well planned, extended texts that include more complex and detailed subject matter and language features such as nominalisation.

Patients do benefit Yes Patients do not benefit No Patients may benefit Low certainty Patients always benefit High certainty A moderate 'low modality' statement of opinion allows for a more tentative conclusion to be drawn.

For example: The essential ingredient certainly must not High modality: Age can never be irrelevant. The pair with the most tally marks wins. Modal resource 2 3 PDF

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Persuasive Writing