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It should not only be convincing, it should be written in grammatically correct English and must have a logical connectivity throughout the essay. Super Screen also needs to consider how its movie choices have affected the separate movie reviewer and audience populations.

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The also need to identify the relationship that their target audience has with movie reviewers and determine how their target audience feels about their movies. Type of writing: The issue essay is less about critical analysis and more about logical reasoning and justification.

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Competition for high grades seriously limits the quality of learning at all levels of education. We learn our most valuable lessons in life from struggling with our limitations rather than from enjoying our successes. Perspectives: The GRE issue essay is, at the heart of it, a matter of perspective, and what you really think about the question at hand. Some people believe that corporations have a responsibility to promote the well-being of the societies and environments in which they operate. In any field of inquiry, the beginner is more likely than the expert to make important contributions. In the grand scheme of the GRE essay scoring rubric, writing flourishes matter much less than clarity of thought and precision of language. However, I argue that we are merely in the inchoate stages of learning to live with technology while still loving one another. Some people believe that scientific discoveries have given us a much better understanding of the world around us. Going off to school or work in our cars instead of a horse and buggy.

For instance, if I said Copernicus was a 17th Century astronomer, instead of 15th Century one, that would not be too catastrophic. Fianlly they need to take a nuanced look at the movie reviews that they use in their advertising.

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Claim: Major policy decisions should always be left to politicians and other government experts. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take.

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GRE Issue Prompt (Topic) and Sample Essay