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Find out what you SHOULD be doing for your team members to ensure they are learning new skills, developing their potential and growing as leaders.

The Soldier does not have to cooperate, even though it is in their best interest. He lives in sunny Florida with his wife, Rachel. Even if you get just one helpful idea from this eBook it is money well spent. Soldiers may file complaints of discrimination with the appropriate equal opportunity advisor. You might be interested in… You Might Also Like…. As the number of women in the armed forces has increased, so has sexual harassment. In each chapter, I provide helpful tips to solve these common leadership challenges. Both documents will be in a ZIP file. I shared the audio program with my Platoon Sergeants and two of them told me the information was very beneficial. You can always count on him to get things done , and done right. Thanks, Chuck! Would you like to learn how to become a military leader that other people admire and respect? It will get delivered to you via email, right after you make your payment via PayPal. Chuck and I have a professional relationship and occasionally communicate with each. Do not email it to anyone else.

I shared the audio program with my Platoon Sergeants and two of them told me the information was very beneficial. The equal opportunity office. In this capacity, he served as the lead project planner for a multi-state, joint-level exercise.

I came up with the answers by asking the NCOs for their opinion, by doing my own research, and by using personal experience. Values Bullets It ranges from seemingly innocent--but unwelcome and offensive--sexual jokes to threats of adverse action by superiors unless subordinates submit to sexual advances. Installation commanders will use the procedures in AR for imposing off-limits sanctions. You have to have talent and you have to have heart. This alone is worth the price of the course! Do not email it to anyone else. He has expertise in all aspects of military law, with extensive emphasis in Administrative Law and Soldiers Rights. Use information from multiple sources when making important professional decisions. I am by no means boasting.

This one chapter alone is worth the price of the book if you embrace it. Some Soldiers are lucky to have competent, caring leaders, but many Soldiers really miss out.

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Hopefully, I can help you do that. Convince the Soldier to get help Approach the Soldier in private.

part time commander army writing assistance

Writing Forums is a privately-owned, community managed writing environment. Many leaders do not make the time to mentor, counsel and develop their subordinates properly. My favorite part was the chapter on mastermind teams.

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In regards to administration, 1LT Edwards created an Awards Program for our company which resulted in 42 Soldiers receiving some type of achievement award during the past calendar year.

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Need Help Writing a Formal Letter to my Commander in the Army