Photosynthesis lab write up essay example

Without light energy, no photosynthesis will occur, so no more O2 gas will be produced. Plug the tip of the syringe tightly with your finger, and gently pull on the plunger, creating a slight vacuum. Related Snacks. Also possible that when we distributed the leaf disks, we may have put some of the leaf disks that were not infiltrated under the room light. Continue observing the leaf disks until the end of the mini. It is a system that uses plants and specific algae to synthesize molecules from both water and carbon dioxide. In order to see how many disk floated in that period. Accumulation of O2 on the disks causes them to float. Remove the plunger from the syringe, and remove the cover from the tip, if there is one. This lab included a variety of limitations and human errors. At the end of each 10 min, we observe and record the number of floating disks. Certain treatments may eliminate photosynthesis altogether—water with no bicarbonate, very low temperature, and total darkness. The results could have been more accurate if leaves that are typically immersed in water were used, like plants that normally grow under water. Coca Cola and Ginger Ale contain different ingredients which could have favored, in Coca Cola, the rate of photosynthesis or restricted, in Ginger Ale, the rate of photosynthesis.

They also are the only organisms that produce oxygen along with glucose and fructose chains within the light-independent phases of photosynthesis. Hypothesis: Since Plants absorb green light, I expect the rate of photosynthesis to be the highest when red light is being used.

photosynthesis lab report

All the disks? The lack of leaf movement in the distilled water was assumed prior to the test. If the oxygen produced by the leaf disks was used during cellular respiration, the leaf disks might not have risen even though they did photosynthesis.

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The small size of the plastic cups only allowed for a very small amount of soda to be tested in the inquiry. In respiration, glucose is broken down to produce energy that can be used by the cell, a reaction that uses O2 and produces CO2 as a byproduct.

Photosynthesis lab write up essay example

Notice any tiny bubbles forming around the edges and bottoms of the disks.

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Photosynthesis In Plants Essay Example