Plato vs machiavelli essay

Machiavelli is naive, and in many ways promotes violence, if it justifies the ends to a means, "virtu".

Must a society be one guided by a just ruler that achieves a harmonious society within to promote the greater good for that society? It is the just man who knows the proper note; it is the unjust man who exceeds it and goes out of tune in his life.

opposite of machiavelli

Rice, Daryl H. He had served as head of the second chancery of the Florentine republic, but was dismissed after it fell in According to Salmon: Machiavelli says that rulers should be truthful, keep promises, and the like when doing so will not harm the state, and that they should generally appear to have the traditional virtues.

For Machiavelli, this conflict between classes was what solidified their existence, and therefore allowed for the ideal state to exist as it was set up.

In the end the greater good in the people's frame of mind or in a true sense may not in fact be achieved.

Ever since the development of tribes, there has existed the idea of power and control being held by one person or a group of people over everyone else. His Prince is one who is concerned with overpowering the natural conflict in society. Machiavelli, a realist, presents a much different representation of human nature than that of Plato.

The parallelism and contrasts. Describe what is meant by a social contract. It is a practical plan that not only takes the realities of the world into account, but embraces the conflict created by the existence of classes.

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The Ideologies of Plato and Machiavelli