Role of police in investigation of crime in india

role of indian police in protection of citizens

Policing large societies In larger and more complex societies, informal institutions of social control are generally weaker, and, as a result, formal institutions are generally stronger. Junior-ranking officers often face unrealistic demands from their superiors to solve cases quickly.

Telecommunications, transport and data processing equipment—provision of which is inadequate at many Indian police stations—are all critical to effective police work.

Role of indian police in protection of citizens

Yet, each police station will cover 50 or 60 villages. The central agencies are controlled by the central government. At the police station level, the station House Officer perceives local incidents but not their wider repercussions. Senior police officers answer to the police chain of command , and respond to the general direction of designated civilian officials. The barracks were typically shared by 12 to 16 constables and head constables and were cramped with trunks, bicycles and equipment—they had fewer beds than assigned personnel. Our interviews with about 45 constables and other low-ranking police took place inside police stations and outside the presence of officers above the rank of assistant sub-inspector; we spoke briefly with about a dozen other low-ranking officers in the presence of their superiors. Fill more senior- and junior-ranking positions by promotion, rather than direct recruitment. In large societies people often deal with strangers whom they will never meet again, and in such circumstances there may be fewer informal rewards for honesty or fewer informal penalties for dishonesty. Traffic police maintain a smooth traffic flow and stop offenders. The institute trains in cybercrime investigations, and researches aspects of criminology and forensics including cyberforensics. The police made no attempt to discover where the fight was occurring or to try and stop it. Educational requirements increase for higher posts. Start Your Free Trial Today Police and society There is a remarkable historical, geographic, and organizational diversity in the activities of people who are, or have been, defined as police. The systems collect data such as complaints, which triggers an intervention at a certain point. It is in this way that impunity continues to thrive in India—and the reputation of the police continues to slide.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message The recruitment process differs by position, and direct entry where an applicant does not have to start at the lowest level is possible. Founded init is popularly known as the "Black Cats" for its uniform.

What is the role of the police in investigating a crime

But that is not given properly. For corruption, Hong Kong created an external agency which actually investigates corruption, while New York reviews corruption through an internal department, although the information is reported to a monitoring commission. Why do these abuses persist? The media derides them as professionally incompetent and criminally negligent. Each sub-division consists of several police stations commanded by an inspector of police , who is assisted by sub-inspectors SIs and assistant sub-inspectors ASIs. In some democratic countries, particularly the United States and, to a lesser extent, Great Britain, citizens have traditionally believed that the existence of a national police force would concentrate too much power in the hands of its directors. Inexplicably, that system continues six decades after the end of British rule in India.

Inefficient Deployment of Personnel The Indian police suffer from a shortage of personnel. In the cases Human Rights Watch documented, the facts strongly suggested the implausibility of official accounts of the killings.

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Even if eventually implemented, the Prakash Singh directives, with their focus on political interference, may fail to significantly reduce arbitrary arrest and detention, torture and other mistreatment, and deaths in police custody. Note that the United Nations recommended standard is police per lakh persons.

It is headed by senior Indian Police Service officers. National Crime Records Bureau[ edit ] Inthe National Police Commission recommended the creation of agency to maintain criminal records and a database shareable at the federal and state levels.

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This could weaken their incentive to perform well. It also extends intelligence and financial support to the state police forces.

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