Science terminology in spanish

Shut your mouth! The Interpreter Diaries — blog by Michelle Hof, professional conference interpreter and trainer. The word or affix takes a contemporary form based on the control languages.

Open your eyes! It contains technical and specialized terminology in each of the six official UN languages English, French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin and Arabic as well as phrases frequently used by the Organization. Scientific and medical terms in Interlingua are largely of Greco-Latin origin, but, like most Interlingua words, they appear in a wide range of languages.

It is available online free of charge. Prefiero los ojos verdes. In most cases, the possessive adjective is used only where the context doesn't make clear whose body is being referred to. The CDE is now making this resource available to local educational agencies for the same purpose. I like your eyes.

McArthur [5] characterizes ISV words and morphemes as " translinguistic ", explaining that they operate "in many languages that serve as mediums for education, culture, science, and technology.

Searches can be carried out in and equivalences can be found in French, English, and Spanish.

spanish science dictionary

He bowed his head to pray.

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