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But it was regularized only in the year after the passing of the Forests Conservation Act, To prevent ecological imbalance, plans need to be formulated to protect the forests and ensure a balance is maintained.

Forests keep the temperature cool. The said Act was amended in the year to be abreast of the changes in the economy.

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Coniferous Forests These forests are found near the poles, mainly the northern hemisphere, and experience a cold and windy climate all through the year. There is mindless destruction of forests for timber, firewood and fuel. They play a key role in the maintenance climate, rain-patterns, water and soil conservation.

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There are various varieties of trees, from sal to pine and from neem to teak. When a human kill takes place, every leopard or tiger is regarded as man-eater and there is indiscriminate killing consequently, the number of these felines is decreasing fast.

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Latest Environmental Afflictions and the Significance of Forests: Forests and Greenhouse Effect: i The burning-up of fossil fuels releases a lot of carbon dioxide CO2 into the atmosphere.

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