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It was projected that around 20 questionnaires would be returned as some of these women would neglect these questionnaires, lose them for some reason or the other, or just not complete them over the time allotted.

Possibly influencing other family members to do likewise. The promotional period spans October 1, to October 31, The answer to that question is that the effects are largely negative.

Use the template below to design a worksheet s which accept Why Did you think of having an abortion? You would make this class free of charge because remember a large amount of these respondents do not have the financial aid to support a school.

Words: - Pages: 2 Social Studies Sba Words: - Pages: 3 Social Studies Sba If yes, how long after your pregnancy What main factor do you think would have helped you to avoid getting pregnant so young?

They would use flattery and vain promises to lure her.

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What is your employment status? I think that in order to gather substantial information on the topic at hand a total of around female headed unemployed single parent households have to be visited remember that not all 85 households are female headed single parent unemployed.

Researchers agree that around the time their parents separate almost all children go through a period of distress.

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You would however not just teach these girls academics but also how to take care of their babies because many of them being their first child would not know how to properly take care of baby. Poverty stricken individuals will seek to steal from the more fortunate citizens as their means survival, thus increasing the level of robbery in the community. Acknowledgement Without the assistance of a number of people, the completion of this study would not be possible, so I would like to thank all the respondents to the questionnaire for their time, patience and co-operation during the course of this study. One other thing that I have found out is that in this situation children are more vulnerable to the negative impacts rather than the positives, even the majority of the respondents agreed that this is the case as seen in Figure 4. Being that this is a primary study the best method which I thought could be used was the questionnaire as it has many advantages, such as: it does not take a long time to complete, it is very convenient to the respondents as it can be completed at any time and it is highly confidential as respondents identities are not required. Task 5 Procedures used to collect Data Sabina Park has approximately houses. Myers deserves a lot of gratitude for guiding me in every step of the way. You MUST do your own work; it should not be done for you. What were your decisions to proceed in life after your pregnancy? And then if I did win a small amount that collecting it would be even tougher. Due to this high rate of divorce, many families find that there is an imbalance of family roles in these newly created single parent households. Method of Data Collection Questionnaires were issued to thirty sex workers, seventeen 17 female and thirteen 13 male to collect data for this research paper.

The researcher was intrigued by their work and when given the chance, jumped at the opportunity to find out about the different aspects of sex trafficking e.

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