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Proctor's Kindness and Anger John Proctor is a kind man in many ways. He redeemed himself. The more the town becomes collectively paranoid, the more he rages. In fact, most of the clip, when the hero redeems himself, he or she dies tragically shortly after. He must decide whether to falsely confess to witchcraft or hang from the gallows. Miller ! Or does she just tolerate him because she has no other recourse? Despite being tormented daily by his scruples, Proctor chose to decease with his award intact. He cares much for his name and being a baronial character it is easy to understand the battle he is traveling through. Although he wants to live, escaping death is not worth basing the remainder of his life on a lie. Readers and audience members cannot be sure. She was intelligent enough to realize that if she accused the wife of a well-respected man of the village of conspiring with the devil, no one would believe and she would be thrown in jail for lying to the court.

It was as if Abigail decided that if she filled the jails with people who were not as respected, no one would notice one more person passing through the courts. In fact, his own inability to forgive himself merely intensifies his reaction to Elizabeth's lack of forgiveness.

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A tragic hero, like John Proctor, is created when the protagonist uncovers the source of his downfall. Bhatia parallels the thought sarcasm and calamity with The Crucible. In fact, he helped construct the town's church.

Yet, Elizabeth and John behave tenderly to each other, despite the fact that she views him with suspicion and he endures spasms of guilt and anger over his moral shortcomings.

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He goes to the gallows redeemed for his earlier sins.

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"The Crucible," a Play by Arthur Miller: John Proctor