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For comparison, the 2. British authorities revealed that 22 people are under civil and criminal investigations for tax evasion and that the offshore dealings of 43 other wealthy Britons are under review.

They worried that evidence might be destroyed.

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This factsheet offers the first systematic overview of the impacts of Panama Papers reporting around the world. Kubecka confirmed there were still numerous critical vulnerabilities, too many open ports into their infrastructure and internet access to their archive server due to weak security. Countries that meet only one criterion would go on the greylist. The Wall Street Journal reported that U. It is important to note that our impact data includes responses by countries not on the list as well as international bodies such as the EU and OECD see Figure 2. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. More to come on Panama Paper revelations. References to outcomes from the ICIJ blog and supplemental sources were classified into those top-level categories applying a slightly modified version of the coding scheme used by Hamilton The Panama Papers underscore the importance of the efforts the United States has taken domestically, and the efforts we have undertaken with our international partners, to address these shared challenges. Related topics:. Meanwhile, global investigative projects are a new phenomenon and have rarely been studied in terms of impact. See Figure 1. Studying a project like the Panama Papers provides a unique opportunity to assess the impact of investigative journalism in a best-case scenario — the simultaneous global release produced front-page headlines around the world, and by the end of partners had published 4, stories. As developed below, this likely reflects the scope and focus of the global investigation into offshore money flows, as well as differences in the underlying data set and the longer time period covered.

HSBC affiliates were among the most active banks to request offshore companies for clients from the law firm. That study applied a model originally developed by Protess et al.

A Canadian lawyer based in Dubai noted, for example, that businesses might wish to avoid falling under Islamic inheritance jurisprudence if an owner dies. Direct accountability for public officials remains rare, with officials losing office in fewer than 10 percent of countries tracked.

While the two data sets are not directly comparable, one reason for the difference is that our results reflect nearly three years of public responses to the Panama Papers.

Initial reports identified five then-heads of state or government leaders from Argentina, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates as well as government officials, close relatives, and close associates of various heads of government of more than forty other countries.

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Most project reporters then used Neo4J and Linkurious [60] to extract individual and corporate names from the documents for analysis, but some who had access to Nuix used it for this as well.

Hamilton, J.

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‘Panama Papers’: when tax abuse is human rights abuse