Time spent grading student essays

why is grading so hard

Can't find what you are looking for? Provide your students with a handout or rubric that gives specific guidelines, or a checklist to clarify your expectations.

how long does it take to grade an essay

For instance, when I teach argumentative writing, I differentiate for various ability levels by offering an option to write one solid argumentative research paragraph.

For additional articles on writing, visit our blog or our grammar guides! Finally, I end by asking students how they graded themselves according to the rubric. We mark every single error, and they mindlessly make corrections as they simultaneously text their friend, post pictures on Snapchat, and eat Doritos.

How to grade writing assignments

Did they make the revisions you suggested? Are you a teacher who practically lives at school? While 5 minutes per essay seems on the light side to me, I think it is probably close. Notice common errors. Popular Citation Guides. I enjoy this part because more often than not, they were much harsher on themselves than I was. Then, turn it into a PowerPoint or some other visual aid you can use to present the list to students. We educators need to put our heads together to develop a mastermind plan for taking our lives back without sacrificing the quality or integrity of our work.

But wait! This is not the best recommendation for anyone who has social media ADD…more on that in a minute.

How to grade papers faster

At times, it may seem like too much to handle. Extra time spent giving students guidance through stepped assignments and multiple drafts reduces the amount of time spent on grading, and the students learn more through the process. This past weekend, I graded a round of essays in my first-year writing course. It might even be necessary to get out of the house completely. This makes the grading process much faster while still allowing you to provide thorough feedback on this specific skill. I now incorporate these instructions into the student copy of the rubric. I personally find it difficult to maintain the appropriate concentration for 60 essays graded over three or four days. We need to teach students how to say more in fewer words.

Are they clinging to old modes like the five-paragraph essay?

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6 Ways to Save Time Grading Essays