Useful and time saving computer innovations

Here are 12 of our favourites. Advertisement These promise to be able to curve around any environment will change home entertainment and advertising beyond all recognition. Select two or more wallpapers from the section above and then use the drop-down list to set how often Windows switches between them.

The tool that turns your extra computer power into bail money Bail Bloccreated by a team at The New Inquiry, uses your computer's spare power to help contribute to community bail funds, assisting people in jail and their families who can't afford bail.

Smart glasses that help legally blind people see The eSight 3 is a set of electronic glasses that can drastically improve a legally blind person's vision, helping them see and perform daily activities with ease.

how does technology save us time

Developments are in motion to provide the world with animal-free meat. Each pair of boxers is stylish and includes an extra panel inside to support period products, like pads.

When it boils down to it, innovators and entrepreneurs have some shared challenges, and one of the most important is time.

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12 amazing Windows time