We should develop environmentally friendly automobile industry

However, this is not all.

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But technology is advancing and things are constantly changing in the auto industry. Car manufacturers have responded to new demands from both private and public sectors.

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The chemicals that vehicles emit also affect the air, soil and water quality. The different chemicals have weakened the ozone layer and caused acid rain. Carbon monoxide and other chemicals that your typical car emits can harm you.

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This makes driving the right vehicle more important than ever. The current emissions standards are highly irregular throughout the world, so manufacturers that supply primarily different areas of the world will have to work to ensure that their products remain viable worldwide — especially as governments increasingly cooperate internationally on topics of universal interest, like the ecological health of our planet.

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Such circumstances may eventually not allow farmers to grow any crops, which means a lot more people will be without work. The rest of the money will be used to reduce factory-produced carbon dioxide emissions by six percent. With cars like the Tesla Roadster, the objective is to show the world that you can have an electric vehicle without having to sacrifice premium performance in an effort to reduce overall carbon footprints. Right now, yes, they are. So be sure to complete the necessary DMV procedures directly after making your purchase. Electric cars are still a very new technology, and not one that has found wide usage. Before you go out and purchase another big pickup truck or SUV that is not very environmentally friendly, consider the benefits of owning an eco friendly car. And that attitude — thinking first about efficiency, rather than style, ostentation, or features — has been characteristic of a coming sea change in the auto industry. Can they actually help save the planet and change the automotive industry? Electric cars do not burn any fuel. In order to free ourselves from the dependence on foreign oil, we must invest in eco friendly cars that use other sources of energy beside oil.
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