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How did it get here? Better leave readers hungry then inundate too much and risk boring anyone. Start by speculating on developments in technology and society.

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Eg alternative realities compared to fully imagined new worlds. You can re-watch his video below, skip to a summary on the following topics, or jump straight to download our free page worldbuilding guide.

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Planning your world There are two basic types of authors when it comes to worldbuilding: those who plan and those who make it up as they go along. How much science should go into science fiction? Brenda Clough is writing a four-part series on sci-fi and fantasy worldbuilding for Career Authors this summer. I know just by writing long fiction generally that you have to have some sense of your world before you start writing. Of course, the more differences to our own world you introduce, the more you need to focus on getting those details absolutely right — but you need to do it in such a way that they almost fade into the background so the reader is instead focusing on the characters and the story. So first of all theme is really important — world building comes from that. In Philip K. Writer Stephen L. What languages are spoken, and by whom? So realist fiction at the time of writing is representative of that contemporary culture. What about cloth, timber, metal? So how can you go about this? Using a veiled version of English history as his starting point, Martin then fills in the rest of his rich history with dragons, mad kings, and ice zombies. Will certain parts of their society have become more dominant, thanks to technology? How do they differ from the everyday people we all know, or do they differ at all?

It starts with a man rolling a 20 gallon drum of water across a landscape, and we think OK — is this a farmer? How do the leaders gain, preserve and relinquish power? It makes it accessible. The thing to remember is that all of this needs to serve the story, not the other way round.

But conflicts are inherently destabilizing, and that new factor could throw everything into chaos. Food and shelter. The genres lines can get blurred. Rowlingor as J.

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Worldbuilding for Fantasy and Science Fiction